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"Naturally, Psychic Rose is truthful and has a public responsibility to do the job right." Rose intuitively nearly understands the importance of telling you what really will happen even if it is not what you want to hear. Being realistic in the long run will be better for you. Psychic Rose can see a photograph phenomenal of your future selecting certain clues to tip-you-off!
Knights Templar War
"I Ann Marie Conti am a Relative of Leonardo Da Vinci."
"I inherited his Engineer and reading tarot cards ability!"
My Army of Men & Women, "Let the Battlefield Begin! IT'S WAR!"
"The Knights Templar" will protect Me from Evil!
The PsychicRose.com Army Get FREE 15/MIN Bonus!
My Templars and Brave Soldiers!
Order out of Chaos and into Harmony.
Psychic Rose Good Friday Passion
I am The Holy Grail Empire!
Psychic Rose Chapter
Rose or AnnMarie Conti
I'm Italian & French & Brooklyn
Rose Order of Knights Templar
Psychic Rose Ann Marie Conti Royal Order
"In hoc signo vinces"
Royal Order of the United States and my Relatives in France, Italy, and Rome. I'm Italian & French. Rose Cross a symbol of Silence and Secrecy. Ambition. Anchor and Ark. Arcana. Electa, I am the Order of the Eastern Star. Disciplina Arcana Lady, I am the established New Mysteries celebrated on Good Friday!

Uniquely designed "Only for You!"
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The Fool Soldier
The Fool Soldier
Without knowledge or experience. I step out into life eager for experience and possibility.

The Magician Soldier
The Magician Soldier
Mystery of the penis. The elements of physical, emotional, and mental. I take responsibility for constructing myself. Using tools for self-mastery and self-knowledge.

High Priestess Soldier
The High Priestess
Mystery of the vagina. The elements of memory, knowledge, and secrets. I hold the book of life where laws are written. I know the ways of psyche the power to be intuitive.

The Empress Soldier
The Empress
My responsibility is to become the Mother and give birth of child. I create abundance. I am your wife.

The Emperor Soldier
The Emperor
My responsibility is to become the Father and raise child. I create leadership and direction. I am your husband.

The Hierophant Soldier
The Hierophant
I wear the garments of the worldly church. Organized religion of different cultures. Spiritual teaching. Religious ceremonies. The system of structured environments.

The Lovers Soldier
The Lovers
Love brings the desire for unity. To give and receive love. Relationships in your life whether friends or lovers. Thoughts of love and marriage.

The Chariot
The Chariot
I am the driver of vehicle, which requires skillful handling and control while I travel to my destination.

The Strength
I can never be defeated. The moments of challenge as the opponent. I am the power to overcome obstacle and difficulties and face the opposition. I have self-discipline and willpower.

The Hermit
The Hermit
I have walked so long and so far. I am ancient of solitary path. Self-Discovery of life's mysteries. Searching to find myself. A wise person from old age. I can be your teacher.

Wheel of Fortune
The Wheel of Fortune
I am turning all the time. Opportunities and possibilities open and close life revolving doors. Everything changes nothing stays the same. I am your fate. The power of karma accept the ups and downs of life.

The establishment of law and decision. I balance deeds and intentions, actions and results. I must balance two opposing claims one against the other. Fairness of legal affairs.

The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man
Innocent until proven guilty. I am evidence between truth and lies. Watch out for me because I could become your traitor. The conspirator.

Death Soldier
I have been feared by all who holds life dear. I show you the value of what you have. It can be taken away when you least expect it. Do not ignore reality.

I measure the quality of adaption haste makes waste.

The Devil Soldier
The Devil
I am the terrorist of temptation. The game of materialism, status, and position.

The Tower
The Tower
I am life year after year the intention of change. From downfall of Hell shall come reconstruction of gain. I will survive a traumatic experience and surprise myself.

The Star
The Star
I shine like a diamond ring. I am hope the ability to plan the future. Consulting your horoscope astrological sign. Everybody has a special talent. I am sky or Heaven.

The Moon
The Moon
I am imagination of dreams, fantasy, and medium. Full moon the illusion of confusion. Unforeseen or unpredictable dangers. Negativity of hidden enemies. I am night or dark.

The Sun
The Sun
I am warmth. Plants grow green through my energy. I bring the season of summer so you can play outdoors, tan in the sunshine, and have a day at the beach. I am day or light.

I am the cycle of paying bills. I set the price of assessment and what it's worth. I am the route that you will take to get to work. I am your job duties. Your name.

The World
The World
I am the United States. I am the Internet. I am the Country you live in. The International affairs of world travelers. I am language of different cultures.

The Empress
New Age, Tarot surprises you with esoteric messages. It's nice to receive spiritual gifts from the Spirits. Rose has received many and feels blessed for being the "Chosen One." Psychic Rose is very Proud to be able to give live psychic predictions, "Interpretation of Description. The Star of Bethlehem by which God announced the birth of Christ. The star was a supernatural phenomenon. The Bible clearly declares that the Star went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was." Some gifts are gifts of grace; their use must be controlled by the Principle of Love- the greatest of all Spiritual Gifts.

In my own subjection, I have been aligned with the Full Moon, three times and it saved my life! The number three is a very Holy number and in tarot it represents "The Empress." The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Empress wears a crown the glory of twelve Stars. A crown symbolizes a person's high status and authority. Psychic Rose has received the first gift of Eternal Life. Rose was challenged by evil and was saved by the Full Moon. The first woman, Eve, fell into temptation; Eve was deceived by craftiness to follow disastrous consequences. A force that opposes quality of character, sacrificing originated in the Garden of Eden soon after the Fall of Mankind. Good is motivated by Love and faith. Evil is motivated by selfishness, anger, and deceit.

Mary of Bethlehem, the Blessed Mother of the Holy Master Jesus. The Empress holds a Wand (scepter) which points heavenward. "Queen of Heaven" and can transmit to it the powers emanating from the twelve zodiacal constellations. The open door (light) leading into the New Age of Man, an event of innocence and willing consent.
Psychic Rose credit card, psychic, rose, real psychic, best phone psychic, 24/7 psychic, tarot reading, phone reading, credit cards
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Psychic Rose, psychic, psychic reading, tarot reading, love psychic, spirits, tarot card readings, psychic over the phone.Psychic RosePsychic Rose, psychic, psychic reading, tarot reading, love psychic, spirits, tarot card readings, psychic over the phone.
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Tom Hanks Mystery
Many will think they can gain in devious ways, which there will be no opening, only darkness. Temptation is an invitation to sin. The weakness of corrupted human nature purposely will lead into destruction, the loss of fellowship, driven through drought and conditions of war. Though I make my bed in hell, Thou art there. Through the eyes of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit is the energy of God in creation. Powerful love comes from the Holy Spirit. I will put my Spirit within you. "Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear my voice and open the door. I will come in to him." New Age and the Mystery of the Full Moon. Can you really speak to God through the Full Moon? AnnMarie Conti says, "Yes, If you are his Daughter!" The Da Vinci Code is TRUE! I am the Last Living Descendant of Jesus Christ. I am the Holy Grail! Knights of Templar will protect Psychic Rose! Knight Tom Hanks, I am waiting for you to escort me to the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland the Priory of Sion! NATIONWIDE - UNITED STATES - USA Location
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