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  • Established Business Since 1996, 28 Years Successfully!
  • Phone counseling of everyday ongoing progress.
  • Development of self-confidence with psychic advice.
  • How to regain from detachment get over your past.
  • Let go of your anger with relationship problems.
  • Therapy to Restore "you" back to "you."
  • Guaranteed growth balance from breakdown.
  • Beautify your interest to know what will come next.
  • Stop feeling needy and become useful, accept fate.
  • Handle each happening of trouble.
  • Invitation to social outgoing activities.
  • Strengthen you to become aware.
  • Meet new people with spiritual guidance.
  • Psychic advice for men and women.
  • Recovery from hurt and breakup.
Psychic Rose Devotion Poem
Looking for your partner, a mirrored image.
Expression of exchange,
letting the other person know with your smile.
Someone who is thoughtful thinking of you all awhile.
Devotion of promise vow to be there with their pledge.
Hope is a commonplace to stay.
Sharing harmony together to show you care.
Commit to me if you dare.
I only know that you have always been there.
Warrant my trust as we deal our chance to survive.
Leaving cherish like memories a sentence of career to feel alive.

Copyright Psychic Rose
Poem Dedicated to All my Clients,
Author Ann Marie Conti dba Psychic Rose
Uniquely designed "Only for You!"
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Advice for men and women
Psychic Rose has helped every customer travel on their journey of life by phone. Do you have an admirer, or do you admire someone? Hoping he or she is single and feeling that you are not alone. Innocence of enjoying new friends' freedom from want. Looking for a compatible partner, dating having dinner, going to the beach, biking, camping, shopping and taking those nature walks. It takes time to find love sharing harmony to show you care. Asking yourself is he or she the one person that can change your life.

Psychic Rose helps people that are not sure what tomorrow will bring because of their adventurous but dangerous job such as Army, Navy, Marines, Air Forces, Police Forces, Coast Guard, and Firefighters. Building dreams and remembering your old buddy. Talking not letting age difference stand in your way interacting with each other, to have a conversation about life, sports, religion, relationships, and your dreams. Active consciously of your weight in fitness meeting at the gym or club to have a drink or two discussing your ambitions, desires, and failures facing tomorrow with a positive outlook. Waking up on Sunday to go to Church reaching out into your community and helping others donating your time and energy caring about others in general that are lonely from loss. Accepting different lifestyles being gay understanding lesbian or bisexual fantasy.

Read Story
How did Psychic Rose get her Empress Wand?
Psychic Rose had a neighbor his named was Dave. Dave and she developed a friendship because he lived two doors down from her in Memphis, Tennessee. Dave was known as an experienced Antique Dealer. He was doing it for a long time and was very knowledgeable. One day, Dave's car was in the shop for a few days. He asked Psychic Rose to hang out with him and give him a ride to the antique auction where they bid on whatever. She learned what Dave does by hanging out with him for the day.

Months later, Psychic Rose started getting obsessed on, she should have a Wand. Psychic Rose bought this cheap wand from a store in the mall and even made one. But for some reason, it just was not good enough. Psychic Rose felt she deserved a real wand and so did the Spirits.

One morning, Psychic Rose woke up and had a sudden feeling to call Dave. Now, Dave hardly picked up his phone. It was like hitting the lottery if he did. (Ha! Ha!) Rose called Dave and to her surprise he picked up the phone and with a sudden rush, Psychic Rose said, "Dave the next time you go to an antique auction and see a Wand buy it for me." Dave said, "What! A Wand!" "I don't know what it looks like." Psychic Rose said, "When you see it, you'll know. Please get it for me." Dave said with an exasperated voice. "OKAY!"

After Psychic Rose hung up the phone, Psychic Rose just did not understand why she did all that and Dave probably thought she was crazy. It was Christmas time. Pretty much, Psychic Rose forgot about the Wand after that she felt peace.

One late night, around 4:00 a.m., Psychic Rose was working on her Psychic Rose Network in Memphis, Tennessee. She was giving tarot readings to customers all over the world. Psychic Rose sat right against the window she liked it. It was comforting looking at the Moon and that night was a Full Moon! Psychic Rose was just finishing her last call. Psychic Rose liked giving tarot readings in the middle of the night. Psychic Rose wants to be there for the people that cannot sleep at night because they have worry on their mind. Psychic Rose was just about to hang up and all of a sudden, she heard a noise! She looked out her window (Psychic Rose guessed Dave was waiting for her to hang up the phone because he knew Psychic Rose was working and saw that through the window watching her.) Anyway, she looked out the window after she heard this noise, and literally saw Dave under the Full Moon, with his right hand upholding the Wand straight up into the sky and his other hand was down. Psychic Rose was shocked BUT so happy because Psychic Rose knew the Spirits was giving her a special Rhinestone Wand made of pure silver Psychic Rose ran to the door and screamed "My Wand! My Wand! The Spirits gave me my Empress Wand! She was so happy!

Psychic Rose knew right then and there that she was special, very special because she received the Empress Wand from the Magician. If you have time, please look at the Magician and Empress tarot card. You will see the "Magic Wand upraised in his right hand." In the Magician's right hand is a Wand raised towards heaven, while the left hand is pointed to the earth. This dual sign is known in very high grades of the Instituted Mysteries; it shows the descent of grace, virtue and light, drawn from things above and derived to things below. The suggestion throughout is therefore the possession and communication of the POWERS AND GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT. IS THAT AWESOME! The Spirits chose Psychic Rose to have the "Powers and Gifts of the Spirit!" she is the chosen one the "Daughter of the Mighty Ones." The Da Vinci Code is TRUE! I am the Last Living Descendant of Jesus Christ! I am the Holy Grail!

Psychic Rose wants silence for a second for this special and proud moment she has received the Royal Wand, which is surmounted by the globe of this world. The globe is on top of her website. The inferior Garden of Eden, the Earthly Paradise, all that is symbolized by the visible house of man. Psychic Rose is the "Daughter of Heaven and Earth." The door or gate by which an entrance is obtained into this life, as into the Garden of Venus; and then the way which leads out therefrom, into that which is beyond, is the secret known by the High Priestess it is communicated to Psychic Rose Ann Marie Conti to be the elect.

Psychic Rose left New York and moved to Memphis, Tennessee because Psychic Rose had a calling from the Spirits. She lived in a cottage working on her Psychic Rose Network, the Spirits wanted her to isolate herself and give thousands of tarot readings all over the world to build her reputation. Presently, she moved back to New York and moved again currently Altamont, Kansas after her work was done where she truly belongs!
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Psychic Rose, psychic, psychic reading, tarot reading, love psychic, spirits, tarot card readings, psychic over the phone.Psychic RosePsychic Rose, psychic, psychic reading, tarot reading, love psychic, spirits, tarot card readings, psychic over the phone.
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Psychic service spending time alone or with someone feeling warmth or needing space. Skeptical having nothing to lose maybe something to gain. Equal treatment rules of manners and ethics realizing being different, daring, and fun for excitement. Purposely fighting to escape an uncomfortable situation not wanting to stay thinking there has to be someone better than this. Healing from pain, struggling from bad habits or weight gain from lack of exercise. Painful memories that you can't let go until you see that person again and reconciliate deciding to give it one more chance. Going through transition reinventing yourself to not feel old. Living with an open mind of possibilities, a purpose to survive from judgement of conviction whether guilty of being jealous because the other naturally got it and you didn't. Wanting the same getting even when you should have asked for advice men or women. Psychic Rose understands that the waiting game is losing time wasting on someone that never made you feel alive. Psychic Rose will help you to be independent through education, affordable phone counseling, and spiritual guidance improving your inner love. Psychic Rose treating your deepest concern to a new you!

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